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Earth Day Paddle Board Clean Up

12:00pm – 3:00pm Kurmalliance teams up with Renew Juice for Paddleboard Ocean Clean-up.  Register  for this here… Earth Day 2017


Reflecting back from last year.“This turned out to be an exceptionally fun event! Everyone was given a stand up paddleboard + paddle, a 5-gallon bucket and some quick instructions. And then off we went across the Marina Del Rey harbor to the opposite, downwind channel. Sure enough at the farthest point there was a debris field of just about every kind of trash: bottles, cans, plastic wrapping, Styrofoam, tennis balls, seagull feathers, castoffs from the boats – even a hypodermic needle. Armed with gloves and on hands and knees, we were really able to make a visible difference – and hopefully a tangible one for the sea-life.”  – Jim Grande

Event Date : April 22nd, 2017

kurmallianceEarth Day Paddle Board Clean Up